How to collect valuable customer insights at events?

Strategies for collecting customer insights

You have been organizing trade shows and corporate events but ignoring data collection at the set. You better know that you are doing something wrong! Large-scale organizations always focus on collecting first-hand data from customers and valuable insights to drive their business decisions. The best you can do is to develop a mentality of closing deals with your customers once the event ends. But how do you achieve this target? It takes a few data-collection strategies at your event. This post will explain how to collect valuable customer insights at events. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Strategies for collecting customer insights:

Selling your products and services directly to your customers at events won’t work. Purchasers are more educated than before, and the old-fashioned ads won’t capture their eyes. Therefore, you should use aggressive, state-of-the-art data-collection techniques to drive your business decisions. Moreover, thanks to the valuable insights you gathered during the show, you can close deals with your attendees. Here is a list of techniques you should capitalize on for collecting data and insights during your event.

1. Polling your attendees:

Polling your attendees during the event will help you know their tastes. Your products and services might not be suitable for all the attendees. However, you should ensure that most audience members agree to your offerings. How do you know if your product is a better solution for your attendees? Creating a poll will surely help you! However, clipboards and multiple-choice paper questionnaires won’t work anymore. It’s time to go digital!

Digital forms and electronic surveys can help you poll your attendees and collect valuable insights. These tech-savvy forms come with a user-friendly interface, helping you to save time and effort. Moreover, the accurate results from these digital forms will help you make informed business decisions.

2. Check-ins:

Do you want to measure the number of attendees passing by the gate? Check-in booths can help you with this number! Digitalized check-in functionalities can provide accurate information about how many attendees have shown up for your event. The higher the number of attendees, the better the results!

Keeping an eye on the check-in booth is necessary, and you need a dedicated group of persons for this. Why not hire professional event companies in Dubai and let them help you with the event planning and management tasks? Having them on your side will streamline the entire event management process!

3. Social media platforms:

Have you ever considered using social media platforms to track attendees/customers? You should post your event on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Doing so will help you collect valuable information and data from your audience about what they want during the show. Why not give them something they demand to make your event successful?

Social channels can lead you to valuable clues, even after the event is finished. Your customers will comment on your event about their tastes and preferences. You should be wise enough to gather the information and make informed business decisions.

4. Forms and surveys:

You will never find a better and old data-collection technique than forms and surveys. You can utilize forms and surveys before, during, and after your event to collect information from your attendees. However, you must be smart enough to use proper segmentation to avoid spamming your customers. The more you are careful with these forms and surveys, the more accurate the results.

You can ask questions about your event, multiple inclusions, and speakers on the stage. Your customers and attendees will provide honest feedback to help you design future events or business activities. Therefore, you should plan your event surveys before throwing the event to foster data collection.

5. Targeting and tracking your audience:

Tracking your audience during the event will help you collect valuable insights. However, it is only possible when you have the right strategies and tools in place. Technology touchpoints will help you correlate the collected data and information with your marketing efforts. Tracking will also help you see how many customers have reacted to your targeted messages and emails.

Your event content must resonate with your attendees, and you can check the results through tracking. Does it sound too complicated to you? You can seek help from professional event companies in Dubai, as they know how to complete these tasks. If you can collect the right information during and after the event, your next event will surely be a piece of success.

Focus on your event planning and management tasks!

Event planning and management can be hectic, but not when you use the right strategies. Besides implementing strategies, you also need a competent yet professional team on your side to help you cross the river. Who but professional event management companies can help your cause? Call these experts today to make your event-planning tasks streamlined and accurate!


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