Texas school district bans hoodies For Men

Texas school district bans hoodies For Men

In a school district close to Dallas, strict new dress codes were implemented,

prohibiting students from donning hoodies, dresses, or clothing with “stripes, checks,

lettering, wording, or other designs.” Texas school district bans hoodies For Men

The new “Back for the Future” dress code for the Forney Independent School District seems to be a play on

the popular 1985 science fiction film “Back to the Future,” in which a teenager played by Michael J.

Fox travels through time and enrolls at the same school as his parents in 1955.

wear certain clothing to work in a video that was put on the district’s website on Wednesday. eric emanuel shorts sizing

In the film, Superintendent Justin Terry also made an appearance to underline

the importance of teaching students these “future workforce skills that we want to impart to our kids.”

As we work together to take our schools, and our classrooms back for the future of our kids,

we are so excited to reset this bar with you, our parents, our community members,

and all of our corporate partners, he continued.

Hoodie Fashion

Shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, sweatshirts, vests, sweaters, and outerwear are all considered

“acceptable” as long as they are in solid colors according to the rules for

the 12,000 students. essential knit hoodie

The long list of “unacceptable” attire and appearances consists of: Texas school district bans hoodies For Men

visible slashes, checks, words, letters, or other patterns.
thermal-style clothing. T-shirts. shirts or blouses with zippers.
sweatshirts with hoods or outerwear.
the wearing of hats, caps, bandanas, or other nonreligious headwear inside the school.
materials made of corduroy, leather,

suede, and denim (excluding outerwear).
leggy slacks in a baggy design.

Clothes with holes.
Pants in the Carpenter or cargo style.
Shorts in the boxer or soccer style, wind pants, sweat pants, sports pants, and spandex (unless in PE/Athletics, cheer or drill classes alone).
Coveralls, overall jumpers, overall shorts, and overall pants.
materials made of leather, suede, vinyl, corduroy, and denim; brads or studs.
Additionally, the school district will not permit students to wear clothing that is either too tight or too baggy: “Clothing cannot be more than one size larger than the student’s measurements; nor may the garment be too tight.”


Hoodie Style

The codes run in precisely matching shoes from the top of the pupils’ now-unhooded heads all the way to their toes. Texas school district bans hoodies For Men

The rules stipulate that the shoes must match. Shoes must have matching shoelaces.

Administrators are also expected to look at the clothing below

since the 7-page guideline states that enough “underclothing is required”

and that undershirts “must be one of the approved solid colors, with no printing or designs.”

On Friday, it was unable to get in touch with a district official for comment.

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