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Unlock Precision and Versatility with the Focuhunter 1-10×24 LPVO Rifle Scope

The Focuhunter 1-10×24 LPVO rifle scope, one of its best LPVO scope solutions, is engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, making it an ideal choice for shooters who demand uncompromising reliability. Boasting a waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof construction, this scope ensures unwavering performance even in the most adverse weather and rugged environments. Its durable, aerospace-grade 6061 aluminum body provides the strength and durability required for the rigors of the field.

Versatile Magnification for Any Situation

Equipped with a magnification range of 1x to 10x, the Focuhunter LPVO scope offers unparalleled versatility. Whether you’re engaging targets at close quarters or reaching out to longer distances, this scope adapts seamlessly to your needs. The 1x setting allows for rapid target acquisition in fast-paced scenarios, while the 10x magnification delivers the precision required for long-range shots.

Illuminated Reticle and Multi-Coated Lenses

Featuring an illuminated reticle with 11 brightness settings in red, the Focuhunter LPVO scope ensures quick and accurate target acquisition, even in diverse lighting conditions. The fully multi-coated lenses further enhance the clarity and sharpness of the image, delivering a crisp and bright visual experience for the user.

Intuitive Adjustments and Precision Control

Designed with the shooter in mind, the Focuhunter LPVO scope offers intuitive adjustments and precise control. The included throw lever allows for quick and effortless magnification changes, enabling seamless transitions between close-quarters and long-range engagements. The capped turrets provide tactile and audible clicks, ensuring accurate windage and elevation adjustments.


Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or an avid enthusiast, the Focuhunter 1-10×24 LPVO rifle scope is the perfect companion for a wide range of shooting applications. Its combination of durability, versatility, and performance-enhancing features make it a standout choice in the LPVO market, delivering a premium shooting experience that exceeds expectations.

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