What Features You Should Look At In High-Impact Armourx Safety Glasses?

These glasses are far more durable than traditional prescription eyewear. As a result, they provide more protection to individuals who require it. Let’s look at the features of high-impact Armourx safety frames. People who participate in specific hobbies or jobs may benefit from wearing high-impact safety glasses. People who use corrective lenses may want to consider getting a pair of safety glasses for increased protection. What exactly are high-impact safety glasses?

Meet ANSI z87.1 Standards

ANSI is a non-profit organization that sets safety requirements for various business items. These guidelines frequently assist OSHA in determining product safety and may even exceed OSHA rules. ANSI has eyewear testing and safety standards. The Best Safety glasses should follow the safety scenarios in order to pass the tough testing:

Testing for High Mass Impact

The test of mass impact is carried out using blunt force exercises. During this test, an object is launched from above a pair of spectacles resting on the dummy’s face. The falling object is about 50 inches long, weighs slightly under 18 ounces, and is like a thick pen. When it hits the lenses, the test facilitators look for the following:
  • Persistence of the Lens
  • Penetration of the Lens
  • Detachment of the inner surface of the lens due to a fracture
The tester moves on to the next region once it is verified.


The fact that the high-impact safety glasses are nearly shatterproof is a significant feature. These glasses will resist shattering under normal and even extreme conditions. Welders, construction workers, pipefitters, auto mechanics, and blacksmiths will benefit from this attribute. If you don’t work in any of these areas but enjoy riding a motorbike or enjoying sports, these Armourx frames are for you.

Meets OSHA Requirements

To keep the workplace safe, companies must follow a set of safety rules established by OSHA. Employees who operate in particular environments and wear prescription specs are required by law to wear OSHA-approved protective glasses. They also advise personnel to keep an extra pair of authorized rx safety glasses in case one of lost or damaged. Employers must supply some form of protective eyewear. According to OSHA, if employees do not have rx safety eyewear, they may be required to wear safety goggles over their regular eyewear. It could be difficult for the worker, so it is best to have rx safety glasses. Armourx prescription safety glasses fulfill the OSHA criteria for safety, and some of the glasses even exceed the norm. So, if you wear a pair of Armourx glasses, you will be safe in whatever profession you have.

UVA/UVB Protection

You’re probably aware that UVA and UVB rays from the sun may lead to skin cancer. Did you know that eyes are equally fragile as your skin? Most people do not consider their eyes to require sun protection, yet it may damage them in the same way that our skin can. UVA and UVB rays from the sun can, in fact, cause macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygia, photokeratitis, and pingueculae. It may be a temporary loss of eyesight that can be terrifying. Armourx safety glasses block out all ultraviolet rays. Indeed, many pairs of z87.1 safety glasses have wraparound elements that keep the light out of your eyes. It protects you from all directions and is vital for individuals who operate in an outside setting. When selecting glasses, consider the most suitable fit for your head size. Opt for glasses that fit snugly without causing any discomfort or feeling too tight. Finding the perfect pair of glasses is important, and Safety Eyeglasses SEG can help you find the right match. Our extensive online catalog offers a wide selection of top-quality safety glasses for you to browse through. We are proud to introduce the Armourx prescription safety glasses to our collection.

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Safety Glasses?

Finding the ideal pair of glasses for your needs was never easier, but now it is possible because of Armourx safety eyewear. Whether you’re seeking a pair for the office or for an active lifestyle, Armourx is a perfect choice to fit all tastes, styles, and demands. With the different frame colors, lens styles, and safety features available, you are sure to discover a pair that will safeguard your eyes on the impact worksite. When choosing your glasses, look at the best fit for your head size. You want glasses with a snug fit but not so tight that they cause discomfort. When you discover the right pair of glasses, find your match. Safety Eyeglasses SEG has a massive online catalog of the best safety glasses for you to peruse. We are pleased to present the Armourx prescription safety glasses. Check out our glasses collection today to find your perfect fit. A glasses expert would gladly assist you if you need assistance finding the appropriate fit or advice on what sort of eyeglasses would be ideal for your specific employment. Contact RX Safety today for more information on our options. We are dedicated to giving you the greatest comfort, style, and safety eyewear.

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