How to Draw Fireworks – Step-by-Step Guide

How to Draw Fireworks – Step-by-Step Guide. Nothing beats the thrill of lighting fireworks in the sky during festive events like New Year’s Eve! Seeing vibrant, colorful fireworks exploding in the sky is still a treat, but we don’t notice them as often as we’d like. Why not learn to draw fireworks instead? By drawing fireworks, you can view them inside your home anytime you want.

With the intricate parts and complex color scheme of fireworks, it can seem outlandish to perfectly capture the beauty of fireworks on a sheet of paper. Step-by-step tutorial on how to draw fireworks, we choice draw an area rocket, one of the most special fireworks. You will be surprised that drawing fireworks is much easier than you think!

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How to Draw Fireworks Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

Starting at the top of your paper, draw a triangular shape with a curved bottom line to create the nose of the spaceship. Be sure to draw the dot at the top of your paper to leave enough room for the bottom of the fireworks.

We will draw many straight lines in the process of drawing fireworks. That means you may need the help of a ruler to help you draw straight lines quickly and easily.

Step 2

Just below the triangle we drew in the last step, draw a cylinder that forms the order for the fireworks. Note that the top of the cylinder shape should be slightly wider than the bottom, as shown in the illustration.

Step 3

Draw a long thin line directly below the cylinder we drew earlier. When drawn correctly, the wick should resemble a candle wick. The wick of fireworks is created from a rolled-up scrap of paper or cloth and is where all the magic starts.

Once the wick is ignited with fire, the spark is fired. Directly towards the charge, we send it flying into the sky and other miniature fuses, creating a colorful explosion.

Step 4

Create a spark at the end point of the fuse so it looks like it’s ignited with a flame. Just draw connected curved lines that form an uneven circular shape. Make sure the smoke overlaps with the spark.

Step 5

Firecrackers are usually coated with colored printed sheets of paper, so be sure to add some marks on the surface of your spaceship. As the illustration shows, draw two parallel diagonal lines across the spaceship’s body to create the diagonal stripe design.

This will form the first line of the custom. As you can see in the illustration, we kept the design of the pyrotechnic skyrockets simple. However, customize your fireworks and add any patterns you like. If you are creating a different layout, skip the following steps and go to step 9 to continue.

Step 6

Draw another two parallel diagonal lines just below the lines we drew in the previous step. This creates the second line of the diagonal stripe pattern.

Step 7

Make another diagonal stripe by drawing two parallel diagonal lines below the last ones. At this point, you should now have three layers in your diagonal stripe pattern.

Step 8

Repeat the previous step until the entire space rocket is wholly embellished with diagonal lines. Make sure all the lines stay diagonal and parallel to each other. After completing this step, your space rocket design should now be complete.

Step 9

Draw several stars of various sizes all over the background surrounding the spaceship. This creates a dramatic fallacy of an explosion, making your drawing appear more natural. Is to choose the colors and color the fireworks. As shown in the picture, we color the fireworks red and white, alternating the designs.

We also used a vibrant yellow for the stars covering the fireworks. We used a combination of orange and yellow to create a realistic-looking flame. Feel free to color the fireworks any color you like. We are excited to see what colors you will wear!

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