Stationery Brand with Our Custom Printed Pen Boxes

Elevate the Status of the Stationery Brand with Our Printed Pen Boxes

The pen is a worldwide used writing instrument. There exist plenty of stationery shops. Each one sells quality products. So how to create a difference and attain a respectable position in the market? Its ultimate solution is customized packaging. Nowadays, the product’s presentation weighs more than the product itself. Our custom pen boxes are the only option to get leads in the market. You can customize the box in the required sizes and design them in the most creative styles. Customers cannot help but get impressed by the uniqueness of the box. You can create a promotional box printing the logo image. The box design with the company’s name provides people.

Buy Our Premium Quality Rigid Boxes for Custom Pen Gift Boxes:

A pen can be a wonderful option when it comes to gift selection. You can make gift packaging more special with our premium quality custom pen gift boxes. We make use of first-rate rigid substrate in the construction of fancy gift packaging. Though rigid stock costs higher than the other material options, it provides the utmost protection. Rigid is a favorable option because of its sturdiest nature. It is endurable to tears, scratches and traveling bumps, etc. Moreover, like cardboard paper, rigid is accustomed to many customized options. You can add an additional touch of uniqueness to the gift box with laminations, add-ons and enhancements.

Popular Box’s Styles for Pen Box Packaging:

These are some of the most practicable and trendiest types of pen boxes wholesale.

  1. Tuck end boxes
  2. Tuck front box
  3. Sleeve packaging
  4. Two-piece box
  5. Pen box with foam holders

Our options are not just limited to these designs.   You can convey design ideas with us and let our designers create the magic.

Prominent the Logo Design with Foil Stamping:

Undoubtedly, using extra finishings gives a distinctive look to the product’s packaging. And consumers can easily recognize the product at first glance. The company’s trademark acts as the best marketing tool. It becomes the source of the company’s recognition. The plain logo image does not have the potential to appeal to the clients. That’s why we suggest coating the logo with hot foil stamping. It is available in various colors. You can choose to your taste. However, we recommend foiling in silver and gold colors. These colors result in excellent results.

Give Elegant Touch to Pen Box Packaging with Breathtaking Add-Ons:

The extra finishing touch makes the pen box’s packaging more delightful and fancy. So, the consumers can easily get attracted to the brand’s product due to the classy box’s appearance. Following are some of the add-ons that provide an extra touch of elegance to the custom pen box.

Die Cut window:

A pen box with a die-cut window gives a wholesome preview of the luxurious pens. The viewers can get an idea about the size and color of the pens with the see-through windows. They don’t have to face the trouble of unpacking. Hence, they cannot help endorsing the brand’s products after going through an incredible buying experience. Moreover, adding a PVC sheet ensures the product’s security against environmental factors.

Foam holders:

The usage of foam holders in gift pen boxes gives a wonderful appearance to the costly pens. On the other hand, foam holders are strong and hold the pens firmly. You can choose the color of foam inserts with the boxes or the product’s theme designs.

Hang tabs:

Pen boxes with hang tabs are a favorable option for retail stores. They are easy to display. the store owners can drive out the buyer’s attention by hanging them on the store shelves.


Usually, brands choose a single package to store many pens. Kraft and cardboard inserts keep pens in an organized shape.

Why Choose ICB?

Why do you have to select us among so many options? This question must be emerging in your mind. It is built into human nature to question the reliability of everything. Understanding the question’s significance, we will familiarize you with the perks of selecting our services. Our company is a first-rate packaging supplier. You will be surprised to know that we have won the trust of thousands of customers worldwide with our remarkable services shortly. The motto of our company is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction at all costs when it comes to product quality. That’s why we provide digital mock-ups before the commencement of the order and finalize the order after the client’s approval. Apart from the product’s quality, you can get a lot of advantages such as:

  • No shipment charges
  • Free design support
  • Free digital samples
  • Free of cost quote facility
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Discounts on bulk order

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