Secret to playing Dragon Tiger New88 Quick wins for the experts

Dragon Tiger is a card game with the simplest rules at House Nêw88, beginners to online play at New88 absolutely loved it. This game does not require players to think too much, it depends mainly on luck so it is very fair for you. In the article below, House  New88 will reveal to you some ways to play Dragon Tiger New88 higher probability of winning.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules New88 simple online

Dragon Tiger is a “famous” online betting game at Bookmaker New88 with a daily number of players reaching up to thousands of people. In some gaming halls, Dragon Tiger game New88 Also known by another name Dragon Tiger. The final result determines the winner based on the value of 1 card only.

In a game of Dragon Tiger at  New88, the hot Dealer of the House will proceed to divide the cards into 2 hands: Dragon and Tiger. Next, participants in the game will place bets on the 3 available bets on the board: Dragon – Draw and Tiger. The timer will run for 15 – 20 seconds, then the Dealer will turn the cards face up, whichever side’s card’s score is higher wins. If the scores of the 2 cards on the 2 doors are equal, the person who placed the Draw bet wins.

Familiar term in the game Dragon Tiger

Before starting to play Dragon Tiger New88, you must grasp some commonly used terms in this game to avoid confusion. Many people find it simple, intentionally skipping this step can easily lead to mistakes when betting.

  • Dragon Door: only the Dragon door is colored red.
  • Tiger door: only the Tiger door is colored blue.
  • Tie door: indicates the Tie door and is colored green.
  • Tie Bet: you bet on a tie chip.
  • Big Bet: you bet that the card turned up will be greater than 7, in the game with a card of 8 or more, you win.
  • Small Bet: you bet on a face-up card that is less than 7. In a game with a card of 6 or less, you have a chance to win.

In this game, Dealer at Home New88 will be the intermediary to deal the cards and pay prizes to the winners. The bet is divided more or less depending on the number of people in the Dragon Tiger game New88.

Instructions for calculating points in Dragon Tiger New88

Dragon Tiger card game New88 Developed based on a deck of 52 cards, the scoring method is quite simple. Each card will be assigned its own score, which you should grasp to calculate whether you win or lose:

  • The A cards (aces) will be counted as 1 point.
  • Cards from 2 – 10 are calculated by the number printed directly on the card, for example, card 5 is 5 points.
  • The cards J, Q, K are counted as 11, 12, 13 points respectively, with the highest points.

Although after the end of the game, the Banker New88 will display the results, but checking your own scores helps you feel more interesting when playing.

How to play Dragon Tiger New88 Details from A – Z

How to play Dragon Tiger New88 Extremely simple, players don’t need to think or hesitate too much, place a bet and wait for the Dealer to turn over the cards and it’s done. Below are the detailed steps to join Dragon Tiger at Bookmaker New88:
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  • Step 1: Register/Log in to your account at the website New88, you can log in with your phone number, the dealer will contact you with detailed playing instructions.
  • Step 2: Provide enough information to deposit money into your personal wallet above New88, this money will be used to buy betting chips when playing Dragon Tiger New88.
  • Step 3: Enter the Casino lobby on the home page New88 → Choose any Game lobby to play Dragon Tiger New88.
  • Step 4: Place a bet on one of the doors, the Dealer opens the cards and calculates the score. If the result corresponds to the bet you placed, you win and receive your bet immediately.

The secret to winning at Dragon Tiger bookmaker New88

Although it is a simple game, it depends on luck when playing Dragon Tiger New88 You can still apply the tips to have a higher chance of “receiving rewards”.

Playing strategy not to bet on “draw”

Most online casino games have 1 door, the extremely high payout rate is the Tie door, this preys on your greed and desire to win quickly. Probability of entering Tie in Dragon Tiger card game New88 extremely low, only veteran players can guess when it will appear and bet.

When betting on Tie and winning, the Banker New88 will pay rewards at a ratio of 1:8, just bet 10K and “catch” 80K, everyone will love it. Although the number of doors seems to be small, after playing dozens of games there is only one draw, so you only play Dragon Tiger New88 You should avoid this door to avoid falling into the Bookie’s “trap”.

Absolutely do not rush

When playing Dragon Tiger New88, you will not be able to play the folding strategy like other card games. Reasons for playing Dragon Tiger New88 If a Draw appears, it is very difficult to win multiple times to get a big reward on this door. On the contrary, if you bet on Dragon or Tiger and it ends up being a Draw, the player will lose 1/2 of the bet.

Play on Dragon or Tiger lines

According to calculations, Dragon Tiger New88 There will be repeated results, usually the Dragon or Tiger bet will produce many consecutive games. You look at the table to see the history of previous games and bet accordingly, the probability of winning will be higher. When you play proficiently, you can consider who has the highest win rate and is the “master” of the game to bet on.

With game rules and how to play Dragon Tiger New88 Simply above, you can start right away to win every bet at the House New88. Don’t miss any of our numbers to learn more about the most “popular” online betting and card games today at Bookmaker New88.

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