Sensitive skin? Here are the top 5 sunscreen ingredients dermatologists recommend avoiding

Choosing the best sunscreen for your face is always risky and overwhelming if you have sensitive skin. Going for dermatologically checked and recommended sunscreen is always the best. Rather than picking the products directly from the aisle, knowing what does not suit your skin is also vital. Not every ingredient harms the skin. The choice of the components and the blend is what affects it. Learn about the ingredients to avoid when choosing your sunscreen for the best!


Know what to avoid. Be safe!

Multiple products pose more damage to sensitive skin than others. The chemically derived components are more harmful than natural ones. Know what to avoid when picking sunscreen and ensure you are safe from skin and sun damage!



It is among the most widely used components of chemical sunscreens. It shields the skin from the sun’s damaging UVA and UVB radiation. Lotus Herbals avoids using it and makes mineral-based sunscreens using titanium oxides, which are permitted dermatologically for sensitive skin. It serves a similar purpose without damage. Being a natural and safe mineral, titanium in Lotus Herbals Safe Sun UV Protect Body Lotion, offers the best shield.



Avobenzone blocks the sun’s rays but often is an unstable compound in chemical sunscreens. It is less resistant to high temperatures and needs a stabilizer. It can initiate an allergic reaction on sensitive skin. As an alternative, Lotus Herbals uses zinc oxide, which is more stable and safer for application on sensitive skin. The  Being 100% chemical-free, it effectively protects your baby’s delicate skin from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays and prevents sunburn.



Homosalate, an SPF-offering ingredient in sunscreen, can irritate or trigger an allergic reaction in people with sensitive skin. Alternatives like wheat germ oil, berry oil, carrot oil, and more can extend the same without skin irritation and damage. The Lotus Herbals SafeSun Matte Gel is a gel-based sunscreen for oily skin that uses the richness of horse chestnut, vanilla, and comfrey as a natural SPF to block harmful effects.


Retinyl Palmitate

It is a form of antioxidant that sunscreen may contain. It can cause skin irritation, inflammation, or dryness on sensitive skin. It can also be unsuitable when combined with other exfoliants. Using Safe Sun Vitamin-C MatteGEL Daily Sunscreen having Kakadu plant exacts gives you a natural dose of antioxidants. Replace chemicals with nature to have the best for your sensitive skin.


Methanol or acetone

This cooling component in sunscreen often gives relaxation but can be tough on sensitive skin. It is the leading cause of itchy, dry, and irritated skin. Instead, natural coolants, including aloe vera extracts, can soothe the skin and offer a cooling effect without agitating the skin. Lotus Herbals incorporates the power of papaya for de-tan and aloe for cooling in Safe Sun DeTan After Sun Cooling Matte Gel for the best! Infused with the natural goodness of Vanilla, Horse Chestnut & Comfrey, it prevents skin damage by neutralizing the free radicals. Its lightweight, gel-like formulation makes it non-greasy and doesn’t leave any white cast on the face.




The Lotus Herbals touch!

Lotus Herbals has a product fit for all. The approach of paraben-free and chemical-free products makes us stand as the best. We deeply understand the different skin types and their reactions to various ingredients and combinations. All our Lotus Herbals Sun Safe products come with natural ingredients that substitute the chemicals to be gentle on your skin. It lets you shop without concern about harmful ingredients and their side effects. Sensitive skin or normal one, we minimize the use of harmful ingredients for your skin’s best!


Products for sensitive skin can be tough to handle and pick. Lotus Herbals Sun Safe ensures using the best components for specific skin types. With every ingredient procured from the lap of nature, we make the right blend that soothes your skin and blends perfectly. Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin is relatively easy to find within our Lotus Herbals Sun Safe range. Dive into it and have a sunscreen that fits well.

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