Some Common Myths About Studying In The USA

Nowadays, a number of students are planning to study in the USA because it will offer great opportunities for a bright future. However, some students are sceptical about studying in the USA because of some rumours. Hence, they take a step back and cancel the decision to study in the USA.

So, you need to be very careful and must avoid myths going around in order to make a perfect decision. Well, what are the misconceptions you need to avoid? How will you get to know what is true and what is false? Read this article carefully to know the common myths about studying in the USA and make sure to avoid them whenever you hear them. Well, if you want to attain the best guidance for the USA study visa, you can approach the best visa agents for USA in Ludhiana.

Here are some rumours about studying in the USA you must avoid:

Visa depends on academic excellence

There are many students who believe that a visa depends on academic excellence. Well, this is not true because visa approval or rejection depends on a number of factors such as language proficiency test scores, SOP, profile, documentation, choice of study program, funds and so on. You might have seen that students with more than 70% got rejected. This might be due to poorly written SOP, insufficient funds, improper documents, errors during documentation and so on. So, don’t worry if you have acquired less than 70% in your previous education, if you get the right consultation and do everything perfectly, you will surely get your study visa in the desired time.

It is hard to manage health, study and work

It might be somehow true but not entirely. Only those students face difficulties while studying abroad who don’t manage their time properly. So, if you make a proper timetable, arrange everything sequentially and follow everything accordingly, you will be able to manage everything perfectly. Therefore, after reaching the USA, make sure to observe everything for a few days. Then, make a proper schedule by allocating adequate time to work, study, health, relaxation and other house chores. This way, you can make your whole journey smooth and easy.

There is no scholarship for international students

There is nothing to deny that studying in the USA is a bit costlier than studying in other countries. So, students usually hope to get a scholarship to manage their finances. However, some people say that US universities and colleges don’t offer scholarships to students. Well, this is not true because many universities and colleges in the USA offer scholarships to capable students. Apart from scholarships for toppers, the institutions also offer need-based scholarships to international students so that they can easily arrange finances for their studies.

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It is difficult to find a job

Nowadays, this rumour is spreading like wildfire that getting a job is very difficult in the USA. Don’t believe it at all. If you have apt skills and knowledge of the field that is required for a job, you will surely get a job. So, focus on developing your skills and make sure to attain practical knowledge as much as you can. In addition, make a well-structured resume, apply for various jobs and appear confidently for the interview. If you follow these steps carefully, you will surely get a job in the desired field.

A USA visa interview is a hard challenge

If your choice of study program is good, your documentation is right, your SOP is well-written and you have sufficient funds, you will be called for a USA visa interview. Note that, your visa depends on your interview. However, many people believe that a USA visa interview is very hard to surpass. Let us tell you that if your English-speaking skills and communication skills are good and you answer every question confidently and honestly, you will surely get a USA study visa. However, just keep one thing in mind ‘Don’t get nervous’. To be confident, you can prepare commonly asked questions perfectly and even seek help from the immigration consultants in Ludhiana. They will surely give you some tips and tricks to prepare well for the interview.

Wrapping up

To wrap up, these are the myths that can impact your decision of studying in the USA. So, make sure to turn a deaf ear to these misconceptions in order to make the best decision for a shining future.

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