What are the Three Primary Functions of a Control Valve?

Flow control valves are created to control the flow rate of the fluid or gases and to regulate the precise pressure in a system. Electronic air flow control valve have eliminated the need to keep an eye on the pressure gauges so that any kind of pressure change can be caught timely. These valves respond to the signal sent by the controller and change the size of the orifice so that the required flow rate can be achieved and the required pressure can be maintained in the system for performing the task. They are widely used in a number of pneumatic and hydraulic systems or equipment. 


Here we have listed three primary functions of a flow adjustment valve. 

Controls the Flow rate of the Fluid:

Controlling the flow rate of the fluid is necessary in many commercial and industrial processes. For instance, in the manufacturing of many food items, it’s essential to provide a precise flow rate of natural gas. For instance, the bakery items require a specific temperature to be maintained inside the furnace. This temperature is maintained by providing a specific flow rate of the natural gas as per the need of the process with the help of an electronic air flow control valve so that the correct product can be produced. 


They are widely used in medical devices where they serve in providing the accurate flow rate of oxygen and other essential gases for the proper treatment of patients. If the flow rate and pressure will not be controlled in medical devices as per the need then it will be dangerous for the devices and the patients.  

Defines the Direction of the Flow:

An electronic air flow control valve helps to define the direction of the fluid that has to pass through the system to perform a task. With the help of these valves, you can easily define a path through which the fluid will pass in the system. A directional flow control valve allows the fluid to flow in various paths from the flow valve ports. Most of them have an actuated spool in the cylinder. The position of this spool starts or stops the flow of the fluid to retain the required pressure. 

Maintains a Safe Working Environment:

This is one of the most crucial functions of the electronic air flow control valves. Because of their functionality, they are widely used in the industrial sector. At the industrial level, a number of workers have to work near the machinery to make the end products. There is a great chance of dangerous incidents that can happen at any time. To keep the workers and the machiner safe, a flow control valve is used within the fluid power systems. These flow regulator valves maintain the set flow rate and also control the other process variables such as the pressure, temperature etc and do not let them go up from the limit of the system. This way, they maintain a safe working environment. 


Final Words:

Today, electronic air flow control valves have become very popular among people because of their capability to provide strong control over the fluid flow rate and keep the other process variables under control. 

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