Why Nike’s next move is a black hoodie For Men

Why Nike's next move is a black hoodie For Men

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Robotic pigeons, enigmatic black box NFTs, Why Nike’s next move is a black hoodie For Men

The digital product startup Rtfkt, which is now owned by Nike,

is at a critical phase. The next step for this early metaverse tastemaker is to develop what physical fashion looks like using Web3 technology.

This week will see the release of its first physical-plus-digital wearable apparel item with Nike. The NFC (near field communication) chip in  Ahegao Face

the Rtfkt x Nike AR Genesissao Faces hoodie allows for tracking via augmented reality,

allowing the wearer the opportunity to put on, for instance, virtual wings.

but it is anticipated to be in the area of $250 in Ethereum. Only owners of Cryptokicks and CloneX,

a collection of 20,000 avatars, can purchase it. The hoodie shares a logo with Nike, Why Nike’s next move is a black hoodie For Men

which acquired the business in December for an unknown fee.

Though physical sneaker twins had already been promised,

this is the first clothing item Rtfkt fans will have the chance to physically ‘forge’ into existence. Additionally, it starts a new era for Nike.

Rtfkt establishes the foundation for what a digital fashion play looks like when supported by a significant legacy (i.e. Web2) brand with Nike.

According to co-founder Steven Vasilev, who goes by “Z,” ”

We haven’t seen a Web2 brand enter the Web3 sector in an effective way,” and “Rtfkt is cognizant of keeping faithful to the fast-moving,

Its eccentric mentality is what first drew its passionately devoted community. Since we are part of a huge international corporation, some have claimed that it will cause Rtfkt to die or cause us to move more slowly.

Stylish Hoodie

They want to continue making ‘firsts’ while also making inroads into the saturated market of trainers and streetwear. For instance, last spring,

Rtfkt led its followers on a series of online group “quests” to solve the mystery of the Mnlths, Why Nike’s next move is a black hoodie For Men

a mysterious black box NFT whose resale value rose to more than 9 ETH before anybody knew what was inside. Rtfkt (pronounced “artifact”),

according to co-founder Benoit Pagotto, is a “next-generation luxury brand” that is influenced by streetwear in terms of its frequently anticipated deliveries.

“You can release anything as long as there is an element of the culture represented,” he claims. “You can put ‘Supreme’ on anything and sell it.”

“When working on the drop system, we don’t restart; we just keep updating,”

Because of the way that smart contracts and NFTs are put up, any future sales can result in additional income for the original inventor and any partners.

It creates income from digital assets that extends into the secondary market. Rtfkt claims that its CloneX drop has produced $650 million in trade activity since its November launch.

For many people, Nike’s acquisition gave the idea legitimacy. It was required for Web3 to speed up.

We are certain that several major businesses began to call the day it was revealed since it conveyed the message to take this seriously, according to Pagotto.

As rivals like Adidas advance further into the metaverse, it gives Nike a competitive edge.

And it provides hard proof for the long-held belief that generating money is the primary goal of digital fashion, not merely marketing,

for entrepreneurs and makers in the industry. Now, it will act as a harbinger for the entire industry as well as a fast track for Nike’s metaverse ambitions.



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