From Transit To Entrepreneurship: The Types Of Small Commercial Vehicle

India has a diverse economy, and small commercial vehicles are a major part of that industry

India has a diverse economy, and small commercial vehicles are a major part of that industry. These automobiles are used for various applications in various sizes and designs. The many types of small commercial vehicles in India and how they are used will be covered in this essay.

List Of Small Commercial Vehicles

Auto Rickshaws

Auto-rickshaws dominate the small commercial vehicle market in India. A small engine powers these three-wheeled vehicles. They are ideal for short-distance transportation than cars because they can easily navigate narrow streets and alleys.

Auto-rickshaws are just popular as taxi services, allowing small business owners to earn a living by offering transportation services to customers. 


Transporting goods in urban areas of India is easier with cargo three-wheelers. Due to their small dimensions, three-wheelers are simple to operate and manoeuvre through confined spaces. Furthermore, they have a bigger cargo space that enables the effective transportation of various goods. Small business owners use these vehicles to deliver items to markets and other sites, such as traders and farmers. Piaggio Ape E-xtra is a popular cargo three-wheeler offering a larger cargo area.

Mini Trucks

Small trucks, also referred to as mini trucks, transport cargo over relatively short distances. They generally have a payload capacity of one tonne of weight. Also, it features a modest cargo compartment behind the driver’s seat. Small businesses, farmers, and traders use this kind of small commercial vehicle to deliver goods to markets and other locations.

Delivery Vans

Delivery vans are larger than mini trucks and can transport goods over longer distances. These vehicles have a larger cargo area and can hold more weight. Courier companies, e-commerce businesses, and other businesses that need to transport goods over longer distances use delivery vans.

Tempo Travelers

Tempo travellers are small buses that can carry between 9-15 passengers. Tour operators and travel companies commonly use them for short-distance tours, airport transfers, and other similar purposes. In addition, high school and college students regularly utilise tempo travellers to get to and from their academic institutions.

Furthermore, it provides low-income individuals with employment opportunities. A number of small enterprises, for instance, travel agencies and hotels, use these small commercial vehicles, and the drivers are frequently paid for each day or receive commissions based on how many trips they complete. 

Mobile Food Trucks

Mobile food trucks are becoming increasingly popular in India, especially in urban areas. These vehicles are essentially mini kitchens on wheels, and most entrepreneurs use them to sell street food and other quick eats. Established restaurant brands also use mobile food trucks to reach new customers and expand their business.

Mobile food trucks are another way people with low income can benefit from small commercial vehicles. Entrepreneurs can start a business with a lower investment with these vehicles as they do not need a brick-and-mortar establishment. Mobile food trucks also provide affordable and quick eats to people who cannot dine in restaurants.


Auto-rickshaw-like electric vehicles are not only cost-effective but environment-friendly as well. These got the name e-rickshaws from the combination of “electric-rickshaw”. Moreover, you can choose to pay rent monthly or daily and return it after use. This way, you can earn money without buying a new e-rickshaw if you can’t afford it, no strings attached. Not just this, the dealer also benefits from having many e-rickshaws in their fleet.

Renting an e-rickshaw from a dealer is an option for anyone. They can choose to pay rent monthly or daily and return it after use. This way, they can earn money without buying a new e-rickshaw if they can’t afford it. The dealer also benefits from having many e-rickshaws in their fleet.

Small Buses

Small buses are larger than tempo travellers and can carry up to 20 passengers. Schools, colleges, and businesses commonly use them for transportation purposes. Small buses are also popular with tour operators and travel companies for short-distance tours and other similar purposes.


To sum up, small commercial vehicles play a crucial role in India’s economy, helping businesses and individuals in various industries. They move goods and people over short and long distances, from auto-rickshaws to small buses. Small commercial vehicles will remain vital to India’s transportation system as it grows and develops, providing efficient and economical solutions for businesses and individuals.

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