How to Create Stunning Instagram Reels for Business?

How to Create Stunning Instagram Reels for Business

Meta Description: Learn different ways to create stunning Instagram reels for business accounts.


Instagram reels offer the easiest and quickest recipe to gain followers and build a reputable following on Instagram. You understand its potential and want to exploit the opportunity to grow your business account.

Start with simple reels and give more importance to these reels in your content strategy. Or don’t give it that much importance and only test out the feature. It will take your analysis of engagement results of posting only one to two reels to see the influence of this feature. And then, you wouldn’t lose sight of this feature again.

Use this post to get started.


Table of Contents

1. Create and Publish Your Reel

2. Publish on Your Feed

3. Repurpose Your Content

4. Take Clips from Live Sessions

5. Use Reels for Soft Selling

6. Tag Accounts


  1. Create and Publish Your Reel

Creating Instagram reels doesn’t require a lot of technical details. You have to start with the + button on the top right corner of the screen on your Instagram app. From there, select reels. You can choose to upload clips from your phone using the plus button at the bottom left corner of the shown screen.

If you choose to create a reel, you will need to select the settings. Select audio from the trending background music clips or choose to use your voice or voiceover. Increasing speed will allow you to give more value to the 30-second reel but you must be careful to not compromise on the legibility of the video.

After shooting the video, tap the Preview button and preview and edit it to your liking. This is the time when you will add previously recorded or uploaded clips and stitch them together. Also, this step allows users to add effects, stickers, and text.

The last step is to publish your video. You will click the ‘Share to’ button on the bottom right corner of the screen. This will bring you to publishing settings like a caption, the cover of the video, and hashtags. You can also tag other Instagram accounts at this point to increase your reel’s reach.

Once you have chosen these settings, save it as a draft or share it. You can buy instagram likes to boost your reels on an infant account.

Now you know how to create an Instagram reel for your business account, let’s learn how to optimally use this feature for your benefit.


  1. Publish on Your Feed

Instagram presents reels in a separate reels tab. This setting allows greater exposure to your videos as reels naturally attract most views because of their nature. At the same time, publishing on the reels tab also restricts its exposure as some people prefer to scroll the feed instead of reels.

The best strategy to include all types of users in your exposure strategies is to publish the reel on both the reels tab and your feed.

Take note that if you want to publish a video – that you shot as a reel – on your feed, you should ensure that the captions and texts are in the center and not on the bottom or top of the screen. It’s because the ratios for reels are different from the ratios for feed videos. Your videos on the feed will only represent a cropped-out part of your videos.


  1. Repurpose Your Content

One of the most important marketing tactics is to stay visible to your customers or potential customers. This increases their chances to think of you the first time they want a solution to their relevant problem.

In other words, you need to publish content regularly. This can be videos, stories, or more widely available reels. Luckily, you don’t have to conceive new ideas every time you decide to shoot reels. You can exploit the stitch feature to repurpose the videos.

Decide a particular theme that aligns with a current event in your industry or relates to your business update, and find similar concepts in your previous videos to stitch together.


  1. Take Clips from Live Sessions

This tip will establish authority and relevance among the potential audience of consultation businesses on Instagram so you don’t have to buy instagram followers to show your mastery. You can use live 1-1 live sessions or group sessions with your clients after permission to take out the clip for turning into a reel.

Whether you are a consultation business or not, you can use your live sessions with industry experts or Q&A sessions with interested parties to choose reels from them.

Collect key insights from these sessions or select one or more pieces of some point explained from different angles to create a reel. Complete it with most texts and insights.


  1. Use Reels for Soft Selling

This era has grown to dislike hard selling in any area of life. One way to soft sell your product or service is to use social proof or customer testimonials. Ask your customers to make video testimonials for your Instagram business account. These testimonials can be longer than 30 seconds.

You can use these videos to get different types of content. Use them as they are to publish on IGTV. For reels, take out parts of these videos with key competencies of your products. You can also make images out of these videos or ask for images from the clients and use their testimonials on them to present their take on the product.


  1. Tag Accounts

Use these short-form videos to answer frequently asked questions about your business or industry. You can also reply to the requests for more information your customers have asked on this platform.

When you are answering these questions and creating awareness, don’t forget to tag the accounts that inspired you to create these reels. This way, you will not only earn the trust of these potential clients who have asked for insights but also encourage them to share this reel on their accounts.


Takeaway: Create Stunning IG Reels for Business Accounts

Instagram reels are a foolproof hack to grow your Instagram account quickly. But you need to understand what makes these videos interesting and worth watching before you can benefit from this feature.

This post discusses the complete method for creating these short-form videos. Also, you will find key tips to keep your reels evergreen and engaging.

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