The Ultimate Customization Guide For Three Wheelers

You know what three-wheelers are, right? It is easily identifiable as these vehicles have only three wheels instead of four

You know what three-wheelers are, right? It is easily identifiable as these vehicles have only three wheels instead of four. They help cater to numerous applications and come in different configurations, sizes, and shapes. They are frequently used as passenger carriers, delivery trucks, and for other things worldwide. Three-wheelers can be customised, which is one of its distinctive qualities. Various customisable body options are available for three-wheelers catering to different needs. This article will explore the other customisable body options of three-wheelers for multiple conditions.

List Of Customizable Body Options Of Three-Wheelers 

Passenger Carriers

In many world places, three-wheelers are frequently employed as passenger transportation. The vehicle’s modern interior allows for passenger comfort and safety. Additionally, it is due to the customisable body options for passenger carriers, including different seating configurations. For instance, a single or double row of seats. Seat belts are also available for vehicles, and the seats can be adjusted and reclined to suit the passengers’ preferences. Some three-wheeled passenger carriers also feature roofs that protect from weather and environmental factors.

Cargo Carriers

Three-wheelers are also commonly used as cargo carriers. In this configuration, the three-wheeler, such as Altigreen Neev Tez, can transport goods safely and efficiently. The customisable body options for cargo carriers include different bed sizes and shapes. The cargo bed can be open or enclosed to protect goods from bad weather conditions. Additionally, it can also be fitted with side rails or a tailgate to secure the cargo. Some cargo carrier three-wheelers have a separate driver’s compartment to provide added safety and security.

Food Trucks

Food trucks in three-wheelers have become a growing trend in many parts of the world. The vehicle is a mobile kitchen that serves customers’ food and travels to different locations in this configuration. The customisable body options for food trucks include a variety of kitchen configurations. For instance, a grill, fryer, refrigerator, and sink. In addition, the three-wheeler, such as Baxy Super King M-Tec, can have shelves and storage compartments to store ingredients and cooking equipment. Additionally, some food truck three-wheelers have a serving window to interact with customers.

Ice Cream Trucks

Ice cream trucks are a type of food truck that is specifically designed to sell ice cream. In this configuration, the vehicle’s design helps keep the ice cream cold and serve it to customers fun and engagingly. The customisable body options for ice cream trucks include different freezer configurations, such as a chest freezer or a soft serve machine. In addition, the vehicles can have a serving window and a sound system to attract customers. Some ice cream truck three-wheelers also have a decorative exterior to appeal to children.

Mobile Shops

Three-wheelers are also used as mobile shops in many parts of the world. The vehicle is like a portable store selling various products in this configuration. The customisable body options for mobile shops include different shelf and display configurations, such as racks and baskets. Furthermore, the vehicles can have a cash register and a safe to store money. Additionally, some mobile shop three-wheelers have decorative exteriors to attract customers.

Advertising Vehicles

Three-wheelers are sometimes used as advertising vehicles in marketing campaigns. In this configuration, the vehicle is designed to display promotional messages or products in a unique and eye-catching way. The customisable body options for advertising vehicles include different signage and display configurations, such as digital screens or large banners. The vehicles can also be fitted with speakers and sound systems to engage the audience further. Additionally, some advertising three-wheelers have a distinctive exterior to attract attention. 

Electric Vehicles

In this configuration, the EV Three-wheelers run on electric power instead of gasoline or diesel fuel. One of the customisable body options for ev three-wheelers is various battery configurations. For instance, lead-acid or lithium-ion batteries. Regenerative braking systems can also be installed in the vehicles to recharge the batteries. Additionally, some electric three-wheelers have futuristic exteriors to highlight their environmental friendliness.


In conclusion, three-wheelers are versatile vehicles customisable to cater to various needs. The customisable body options for three-wheelers include passenger carriers, cargo carriers, food trucks, ice cream trucks, mobile shops, public service vehicles, tourist vehicles, handicap-accessible, advertising, and electric vehicles. Each configuration offers unique features and benefits, making three-wheelers a popular choice for various purposes in different parts of the world.


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