I’m a Fashion Editor For Hoodie

I'm a Fashion Editor For Hoodie

A few years ago, I experienced a minor fashion dilemma since

I couldn’t precisely spend thousands of dollars on brand-new clothing but yet wanted to dress cutely. It’s simple to feel self-conscious about your appearance as a fashion editor,

especially when it looks like everyone else in the field has infinite resources and consistently buys the hottest trends and designer must-haves. I’m a Fashion Editor For Hoodie

So I made the decision to approach the situation differently. I looked for distinctive old items on Etsy rather than stressing about keeping up. Additionally,

I developed a distinctive look that revolved around one particular item, which just so happened to be a $13 sweatshirt. brown essentials hoodie

I don’t remember exactly what brought me to Gildan’s Crewneck Sweatshirt on Amazon (to be honest,

I probably had big plans for a DIY involving beads and iron-on letters), but given its affordable price (which,

I will say, varies by a dollar or two depending on the color and size), I made the decision to buy more than one. Given the variety of colors available,

I ultimately ordered blue, yellow, and green. I was delighted to learn once the sweatshirts were delivered that

they added the necessary splash of color and joy to my wardrobe in addition to being cozy and simple to throw on. I’m a Fashion Editor For Hoodie

Best Hoodie


These Amazon sweatshirts looked stylish since they were sturdy and understated, and

I could easily dress them up with various bottoms, scarves, and other accessories.

One of my favorite style techniques in the winter was to put them over sleeveless turtlenecks.

They were simple to sling over my shoulders in the summer, tie around my waist, or tuck into a bag for chilly nights. Furthermore,

it goes without saying that they were ideal for comfortable, slouchy at-home wear as well.

I occasionally return to Amazon to purchase more, expanding my collection with hues including navy,

black, grey, and various tones of purple and pink. People have even taken the time to compliment me on my “uniform” over the years. I discovered that I didn’t require a $500 top. essentials shirt

Nothing could have improved my style more than this $13 discovery. I’m a Fashion Editor For Hoodie


These lovelies have proven to be some of my best investments, even when I spend much of my time at home dressed in pajama-like or actual pajamas.

I frequently get out of bed, take a shower, and put on a vibrant sweater and leggings.

Another option is to match one with a pair of sweatpants I own to create a “look” (no one will actually notice,

but it will make me feel good).

I’ve been utilizing these sweaters in a number of ways for years at this point. They were definitely a wise investment given their many uses and lengthy lifespan.

Normally, I wear a women’s extra-small or small shirt, but I bought this Amazon bargain in a men’s small so it would be somewhat big on me and could be layered or tucked in. The fact that many of the colors are up to 5X is the best news.

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