New88 Cockfighting And The Most Attractive Betting Forms

New88today cockfighting has always attracted a large number of players over the years. This bookmaker constantly strives to improve service quality and meet the betting needs of players. Coming to the cockfighting game at New88, you will be free to choose cockfighting matches and place bets. Sharp live images and professional commentators will help players feel like they are present directly at the cockfighting arena. Let’s learn more about the New88 cockfighting genres in more detail.

The most popular forms of New88 cockfighting

Online cockfighting is an attractive and diverse betting game. Below are popular forms of betting in this game, players have many options when participating.

Bet the Chicken

Chicken betting requires players to have a deep understanding of the characteristics and fighting skills of chickens. Before placing a bet, players often carefully consider the winning history, physical characteristics and fighting style of each chicken.

Players can be booked before the match starts. You need to analyze and make decisions based on available information. At the same time, it is possible to place bets during the match, where players must quickly assess the situation and decide based on the live developments of the match.

Over/Under Betting

Bet over/under inNew88 cockfighting is a form of betting based on the total number of winning cocks in a series of matches. The player needs to predict whether this total will be high (over) or low (under) compared to a predetermined fixed value.

They require the ability to analyze trends and statistics, as well as a deep understanding of each chicken’s abilities. Over/under betting provides an attractive way to bet, reflecting the player’s understanding and prediction skills.

Single/Double Betting

Single/double betting in online cockfighting allows players to bet on the outcome of the winning cock being an odd number (single) or an even number (pairs). This form of betting is based on the principles of probability and chance, requiring players to make decisions based on an understanding of the odds of the outcome.

This is a popular choice for players who like to bet based on the principles of chance and probability, bringing a sense of suspense and drama to the match.
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Color betting

Color betting in online cockfighting is a unique form of betting and attracts bettors. Players will choose to bet on the color of the cock, usually red or black, that they believe will win the match.

This choice is not only based on technical analysis but also reflects the player’s psychology and personal preferences. Some players may believe in the lucky meaning of colors, while others may rely on observation and experience from previous matches.

Bet on number of ranks

In the form of placing bets, the player bets on the final position that the cock will achieve in the fight. This can include predicting which chicken will be in first, second, third and so on until the last position.

This form of betting requires players to have the ability to deeply analyze and understand each chicken’s abilities and fighting style, as well as the element of luck in the match.

Bet over time

Betting over time inonline cockfighting allows players to bet on the specific time they think the cock will win. This can include betting on a win occurring before a certain period of time, such as before 5 minutes, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes of the match.

This form of betting requires players to have the ability to accurately predict and understand how a match will develop and the usual time.

Types of bets in New88 cockfighting that you should know

In the world of cockfighting, each country has its own distinct styles and rules. Below are details about three popular types of cockfighting in Southeast Asia:

Knife cockfighting in the Philippines

In the Philippines, cockfighting has a very prominent feature: fighting cocks are usually American chickens, famous for their small heads, no crest, creating a very brave and fierce image. The most special feature is the use of knife spurs – sharp blades attached to the chicken’s feet.

These blades are not only long but also extremely sharp, creating powerful, decisive attacks. Due to the danger and fierce nature of knife spurs, matches often take place extremely quickly, and can end in just a few minutes.

Thomo cockfighting odds

In order to meet the needs of people who love cockfighting but do not have the means to go directly to cockfighting arenas in Cambodia, since 2015, Thomo cockfighting arena owners have decided to live stream matches online and cooperate with Big bookmakers, allowing viewers to bet online.

Thomo live cockfighting quickly became a trend and was admired by the community in Vietnam. This not only brings convenience to players, but also helps them monitor and place bets every day, every week, without having to travel far.

Round spur cockfighting in Cambodia

Meanwhile, Cambodia is famous for cockfighting using round spurs. The fighting chickens here are usually smaller than Philippine chickens, suitable for the physical condition of Asian chickens. The round spur is no less sharp and dramatic than the knife spur, but it causes less serious injury.

This is a popular and popular type of spur in Vietnam. The match between chickens with round spurs is no less attractive, with fierce and fierce confrontations.


These are some of the most popular cockfighting bets and live stream the matches for everyone to watch. There are still other types of cockfighting but on a smaller scale and New88 It is not convenient to introduce it in this article. See you in other analysis articles.

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