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Sugar Card Info

Continental Finance has created a credit account called SurgeCardInfo. For people with bad credit or no credit at all, Celtic Bank has launched a fantastic credit card service. For those who are unable to apply for or use standard credit card services from other financial institutions, the programme provides credit financial assistance. By going to, the official website, one can quickly apply for this card.

With the features of this card, one can significantly raise their credit score by paying credit bills on time each month. The Surge Card provides a fantastic avenue via which a citizen can raise their reputation and become qualified to use any bank’s traditional financial services. The use of this service comes with a catch.

A user may make purchases using cash advances thanks to this special credit card feature. Utilising the Surge Card wisely will boost both your financial situation and credit score.

Visit the aforementioned link to apply for this credit card and have your trustworthiness verified. Before applying, find out what requirements Continental Finance has set for eligibility. Keep in mind that the issuer will impose higher annual costs than usual because it is extending you credit at a risk.

How do I get my Surge credit card activated?

You are one step closer to activation if you obtained a Surge Card through an online application. You will require the email ID or credit card activation information included in the beginning kit. To proceed, you must log into your Surge Card account. Here’s how to go about it.

Step 1: Launch the SurgeCardInfo website on any device.

Step 2: After arriving at this page, you will see three blank fields where you can enter your credentials.

Step 3: Select ‘Activate My Card’ after providing your information in the relevant sections. The credentials will be verified by the server, who will then compare them to your credit card account. If all the credentials are accurate, your card will be activated immediately.

Rules for SurgeCardInfo Login

When you’ve finished setting up your SurgeCardInfo account, you can log in with your username and password to review the information. Make sure the credentials you provide when registering an account are accurate before logging in for the first time. The steps you must take to log into your SurgeCardInfo account are listed below.

  • Check out
  • The login credentials boxes will be visible on the website’s homepage when you first access it. In the corresponding blank fields, type your username and password. By turning on the eye indication, you can also see the password you are typing.
  • Once you have finished entering, click the submit button to access your account.

Rules for Surge MasterCard Registration

As far as we can tell, the login instructions are simple. Let’s review the Surge MasterCard account registration requirements. On Surge Card Info’s official website, you can review the rules.

A user must create an online account before using a credit card so that he can verify his credentials on the company website. It is simpler to comprehend the registration process. Simply adhere to the directions below.

  • By clicking the link, visit the Continental Finance website and sign in.
  • Visit the area where you initially registered to create a Surge Card Info account. The link to the registration form can be found below it.
  • Enter the Surge Credit Card number after completing the instructions. The card will have 16 digits. Once you’ve entered the numbers, press the “Submit” button.
  • Your account has been connected to the credit card once you have entered the card number. Now, you can check the credentials using your online Surge Card Info account.

Suggestions for SurgeCardInfo Login

You will need an internet connection and a smart device that can access the internet in order to register for a SurgeCardInfo account on the official website online. For instance, you can apply for signing in to your account using a desktop computer, a laptop, a smartphone, or even a tablet.

To create an account, the website will need personal information. To acquire the login, password, and account information by signing into your Surge Card Info account online, make sure you are in a safe environment.

Your social security number (SSN), a mobile number, and an active email address are all you need. Your email ID will receive all the important information that Surge Card Info wishes to communicate. Do not worry; on the Surge Card Info server, all of your personal information will stay encrypted.

Benefits of the SurgeCardInfo Login Page

The advantages of using the Surge Card Info Login page are listed below.

  • Using the login page to access your account will allow you to keep track of any fraudulent transactions. Do not worry; there won’t be any more charges on your credit card bill.
  • For monthly payments, three reporting agencies are connected. Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax are the three. You can view Experian Vantage 3.0 Credit Score for free whenever you need access to your e-statements.
  • You can raise your credit limit if you pay all of your credit card bills on time for a period of six months.
  • The service operator advises new customers to keep their credit limit at $300 USD because it is a high-risk, high-interest credit tool.
  • After completing the Surge MasterCard registration process, you may simply make online payments, check your account balance, and sign up for e-statements.
  • You can also halt service at any time by dialling 866-449-4514. A customer service representative will start the process by requesting your personal information so they can identify you. To cancel the service, make sure you have your SSN and account number on hand.

Other Continental Finance Credit Card Services

In addition, Continental Finance accepts the following credit cards:

  • Simply Card
  • Matrix Card
  • Reflex Card
  • Fit Card

How can Surge credit card bills be paid?

Your Surge Credit Card bills can be paid in three different ways. These include:

  • Internet payment

Check your credit card balance by logging into your Surge Card Info account. Online bank transfers are a payment option.

  • Calling card payment

Users can make phone payments by dialling (866) 513-4598. Do not be concerned; telephone bill payment is secure. Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 10 PM, and every Saturday, 8 AM to 4 PM are the calling hours.

  • Pay by mail

You can send money orders or checks to the Surge Card branch of Continental Finance and make your payments on time by doing so.

Application for Smartphones from Continental Finance Company (CFC) for Users of Surge Cards

Users can check their Surge Card information at any time by logging into the CFC Mobile App. All other Continental Finance credit cards are compatible with this mobile app. There are iOS and Android versions of the safe mobile app available for download. There are several benefits to using this mobile app:

  • Utilise your smartphone at any time to quickly learn more about your Surge Credit Card.
  • On this app, you can also take advantage of instant payment options for your credit card bills.
  • There are also services available to report lost or stolen cards.
  • Check out the specifics of other services that Continental Finance provides.

Do not worry; there will be no fees associated with this free app service. This app is available to all Continental Finance cardholders without charge.

How can I change the password for my Surge Card Info account?

  • Visit the main website.
  • Look at the option for fixing login issues. Enter your username in the blank field and press Submit. Your password will be delivered to you via a secure channel. The same account will be usable by you.

Customer Support for Surge Card

Here is a list of people to contact for customer service in the event that you do.

  • Phone number for customer service: 1-866-449-4514
  • To pay a bill via phone, dial 1-800-518-6142.
  • Number to Report a Stolen or Lost Card: 1-800-556-5678
  • Surge Card’s postal address is P.O. Box 31292 in Tampa, Florida 33631-3292.
  • 866-449-4514 is the customer service number for account status.


Many people benefit from the Surge Credit Card’s availability. This credit card service from Continental Finance is what you need to get back on your feet when things are about to get better and you need financial support.

The financial institution is aware that giving a credit card account to someone with a bad credit score or no credit at all carries a significant risk. This is why it offers a limited initial credit limit and assesses a greater percentage of interest on the monthly expenses.


  • How can I determine the Surge Card’s credit limit?

Get the details of your credit card limit by logging into your account at with your username and password.

  • What number should I call to verify my credit card information?

To quickly check your credit card information, dial 866-449-4514.

  • Is using a Surge Credit Card a wise move?

When you want to raise your credit score, Surge Cards are made to provide you with credit assistance. Utilising this service is only beneficial if you are certain that you will have a steady income to cover your expenses.

  • Is the interest rate on a Surge Credit Card account higher?

Yes. By granting a credit card to someone with a low or no credit score, the issuer assumes a risk. Read More – Here

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